Qayttamaton Info

This is an unofficial client app of UNTAPPD for SailfishOS.

- Search and see the beer's information.
- Check-in to the beer with SNS(Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare) relation.
- See the recent check-in activities (time line).
- See the check-in activities which were drunk in around your current position.
- Toast/Untoast function.

Not yet implemented:
- Add comment to your friends check-ins.
- See the user's profile.
- See the details of Brewery.
- See the details of Venue.
- See the badges.
- Receive and see the notification.
- Add/Remove/Accept Firends.

Can not implement:
- Check-in with uploading the photo (currently API is not opened).

Source Code:;a=tree

I am so happy if you join to development/improvement of this app.
Instruction for joining to development of Qayttamaton


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